All in the Family

I am about to go down the rabbit hole on this one…

I woke up today wondering, how are we all not related in some way? How did the first human ever reproduce with another human, that was not blood related in some way? Some people like to believe in different theories of course. Who was the first human being to walk this planet, not just the Americas, but the whole entire world, where and who? No one can ever know such a thing, I believe, because if I was the first human to either appear or evolve in this world, how would I know what to do to ensure future generations and studies would know the exact story and even know of me. How would this person even know that there would be a future generation, that was essentially going to be created by them?

A lot of religious followers believe that Adam and Eve just appeared and populated our entire world, really. Still, with that, we would still all be related. Even in today’s age. Adam would have fucked Eve, they have a child, then they either have another child, and it is opposite sex and the two children fuck, or it’s a really weird story, and the offspring from Adam and Eve reproduce with one of them. Still, all incest, all related. This would continue until the end of time. There would not be in one way that there was anyone to reproduce with that was not blood related. The line of relativity would become thinner down the line, when more people were reproducing with each other, but it wouldn’t ever actually deplete the blood relativity. Think about that.

Also, think about how different races became from that. If it was only two people who started the population of the whole entire Earth, there would only be that one race of humans, right? There would also be one type of language. It would make no sense that two people, same race, started our population, but then this population ventured beyond to different countries and picked up different skin tones and languages as they went.

See now, my family is Christian, and they believe in the whole God made everything, and believe that everything is done within Jesus. Cool. I don’t. I also do not knock anyone for their beliefs. I want to make that very clear to the readers. I am just very scientific about everything and more of a realist.

So now let’s move on to think about humans evolving into existence. Cavemen. Scientists believe that humans were evolved over time, and Cavemen being the first of the evolution. So, Cavemen, which are also referred to as Neanderthals or Ancient Humans, were evolved around the world, all at once, after the Ice Age. This makes more sense to me, in the areas of race, language, and relativity. Cavemen, when they evolved weren’t exactly as ‘human’ as we know it now, but this is where it is believed to all have started for our generation now. Say, a creature that was in existence over time learns how to survive on its own (because it has to), gathering food, making shelter, keeping itself entertained, and its growing smarter and mastering these skills every new day. This creature is able to use all of the resources available to stay alive. It may not be able to use language to communicate, but the grunts and gestures are becoming more distinguished and consistent, along with acquiring actual meaning.
This theory to me, is way more engage-able. This shows, in layman’s terms, that a creature, such as an animal, whatever, can use its resources and abilities to survive and then also communicate to the best of its ability with other creatures, while always learning something new everyday and adding that to its skill list as well. Brain activity of this creature is always progressing. Ice Age hits now. A lot of creatures/animals become extinct. However, these creatures that Cavemen are evolving from, survive. All over the world, in different countries and regions. They become stronger and more mindful in surviving. They are starting to become a bit more civilized and the communication is growing more into a language at this point. Remember though, they are all over, so a Caveman in Europe is very different from a Caveman in South Africa, although evolving at the same pace.

I am sure this is making more sense to you now that I have completely turned into Alice in Wonderland about the topic. My gears are still going on it, and I am wanting to express more about how both of these theories may even work very well together, so until then:

To be continued…


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