Apple is so established, but also up and coming continuously, always coming up with new ideas on how to be the most convenient and recent technology of the now. Every year it is something new. So, I get to thinking, like, what’s next? What if…they came out with the iTeeth!? The iTeeth is going to be an installation of a Bluetooth-like device for your mouth that activates as your phone, on the go. Starting out my first guess would be them designing it in a ‘grill’ form, but also discreet. You can just speak and it goes straight into whatever app you activate. You can say “Facebook” and it will open Facebook and you can say “Update Status” and it will automatically update your status with whatever you say next and ending with the command “Complete”. You will in a sense be your own Siri. You will naturally be able to do all things, such as call, text, post on social media, take notes, and even e-mail. They are obviously going to steal this idea from this blog going on to create and sell for over $500 at least. I am thinking more in the upper $800 area. So Apple, if you’re reading this, make some profit. I originally had this idea at a friend’s house, although I am unsure of the topic we were discussing when it came up. It kind of started off as a joke and we both fed into the idea, but then I kept thinking on it, and decided this could actually be a new and working item.

This now puts me back to when I had the idea for Apple to link in the option for you to be able to turn on and off the read receipts for each text thread. Shortly after talking about this and trying to explain it to a few different people, I decided to stop being stubborn and indulge in the new update that had been just a notification on my settings app for a few weeks. Low and behold, what I was talking about was now available. I don’t know if this is a conspiracy and they were listening to my every word and said to themselves, “Yes, yesssss, this is great!” or if I had subconsciously heard about this part of the update and just took it for my own.

So I am also using this as a test. I know there is no such invention of the iTeeth thought of or in the making by anyone other than me. Apple, game on.