Everyone Dies at the End

Has anyone ever thought about how strangely, but also amazing and interesting it is how our body is so actively working all the time and multi-functional that we can regenerate our own skin? I recently had a decent sized chunk of skin taken off on my ankle and the way my skin is repairing itself is remarkable to me. I guess I never thought about it until now, because I can actually see it happening. When it first happened, it hurt, and was very fresh, then the next day it had a full scab. Now, don’t be silly, we all have pulled our scabs off, its human nature to be curious. So after a few days, I did. There was still a divot in my skin, where was now a smaller freshly open wound again. So now, that part is scabbing up, its like one of those nesting dolls. It just keeps getting smaller while the healing process works it’ magic (and of course I’m going to keep fidgeting at these scabs). It will end up to be just a scar, but it will fade after time and be completely healed.
This also is an example of how much weathering our bodies take day to day. Each scar has a story behind it and our skin gets tired and is dying every day, shedding it’s layers. Babies are born with such smooth, thick skin, and as we get older, our skin thins out, and our muscles get weaker along with our bones. In time, we still have the same amount of skin, just stretched and thin, hanging off our bones in old age. This is where wrinkles come from. When people express that everyone is beautiful and we all are the same, it’s true. We all come with different features, sizes, and shapes. We all still are injured and heal the same. Everyone’s bodies physically work the same, for the most part. It at least starts out that way and is determined by the lifestyle each human decides to live. I mean, I know the medical history and terminology with how and why our skin is able to regenerate, but the process and science of it is still very interesting to me. When it comes down to it, your skin is able to heal itself due to the presence of stem cells in your dermis along with other cells in your epidermis. They all work together and can form new tissue. Cool, huh!?