Almost Famous

I was thinking about the Kardashian family and how they are so rich and famous for just being a hot mess like all of us normal people, but airing it in a television series. I mean anyone can do that, right!? Someone could even start a reality series show about a regular, small town family that is in lower class, almost to middle class, getting by. They start recording their lives for some crazy television producer who ‘has a good idea’. The show is taking off with more and more viewers every week, so the money starts rolling in and they are promised and signed into a two season contract before they know it. This family now starts living a little more lavishly, by getting some new upgrades to their already established family home and getting a better vehicle or two. Season two starts and there are already fans dressing up as family members for Halloween. Paparazzi gets more frequent. One of the sons goes off to Los Angeles to start acting, where he actually succeeds. Now, this family, who is now the talk of every teen to senior citizen in any given area, is living quite the blessed life. Then you find out that the son only ran off to Los Angeles to get away from the family that he hated for putting his whole life into the public for the last few years, without even a question to him. He never wanted to be on the show. The wife ends up cheating on the husband with his brother, that also had appearances in the show from time to time, but they stay together. They say that they are staying together for the children, but we all know that without them together, the series would fall apart, and that is not part of their, now extended, contract. They all are now getting boob jobs and nose jobs and getting into whatever new famous celebrity diet is going around. Oh, and while I am thinking about this, it sounds JUST like Teen Mom. Some of those ‘characters’ succeeded and became something they can call good and be an example, which is refreshing. However, they aren’t as famous now are they? The only ones we all still hear about in the media, are the ones who are a fucking wreck. Of course this takes me in a completely related, but different direction of thought. I know a lot of people in this world, watch the news, and read articles about good happenings, all of the time. I just think that I, personally, don’t have a lot of time between working two jobs, and having other personal life things going on, that I have time to actually indulge and look into the news and explore. So, with that being said, I just seem to hear it as I go. When I am at work, I will hear a conversation about something that has happened recently locally or globally and I will then either join the conversation asking more or I will store it in my brain to Google in my free time. Not a lot of these news stories I over hear are ever really uplifting. It is always something bad. A shooting, a car accident, terrorism, crime in general, or just plain celebrity drama that I could care less about in the first place. That’s really a shame to me. I am now brought back to where in the world do these families who are not already famous, but are chosen to air their lives out to the world, come from?????