Uber or Die!?

This is an ACTUAL dream that I had. After I had woken up, I decided I wanted to actually get serious about this blog. I bought a new laptop and then sat down and wrote this::

I’ve had this dream of getting into an Uber that I have ordered to go on my way from home to work, but this doesn’t end as just a silly ‘my driver had the weirdest music playing’ or ‘oh my gosh, my Uber smelled so strange’ story. In this dream, my app seems to be glitching somehow and I can not view the estimated price nor the drivers name and face. I trust it though, with frequenting Uber. As I am finishing to get ready, up until the last minute, as usual, I see an all black Nissan Altima pull up from my bedroom window. I grab my jacket and chapstick in a hurry, shut my door, and down the stairs, out the front door I go.  I hop into the backseat and pull out my phone immediately. I engage in simple conversation about the weather, where I am headed, and such. It wasn’t until his dark voice said “I’m hoping it stays cloudy all day.” that I looked up to actually see who was driving the car. It’s not a chilly day. I wondered why someone was in need of such long, large, dark, hooded apparel. I looked more intensely in curiosity. “SHUT UP!”, I shouted, laughing. “Dude, are you dressed as the Grim Reaper? I mean it’s April!”, as I’m still very much so chuckling. He turned very swiftly, and again with such a dark voice “I AM the Grim Reaper!” Blank face. At this point, my snickers subside and I am more interested in if I seriously requested a driver who was absolutely, 100% mental, or if this is real life. Out of nowhere with a much more cheerful voice, “I just drive for Uber on the side!! Like a second job!!!” No way, I’m thinking to myself that this is probably going to be the highlight of my day and I want to tell everyone I come in contact with this story. No one is going to believe me. I want to grab my phone, which was still open to Facebook laying on my lap. I have to get a recording or picture somehow. I HAVE TO! While I am thinking about how to sneak a picture in, he starts talking more. There is only about 4 minutes longer left of this journey and I have to get the fullest out of it. He’s telling me how he thinks that he doesn’t have as much to do during the day now, because either people are getting smarter or this whole organic thing isn’t such a crock of shit. I’m beginning to crack up again. Is this guy REALLY serious? I notice his choice of music. ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay is playing ever so slightly on the radio. I like this song. I struggle to flip my phone up and open the camera, without him noticing that is. I make a point to make sure the volume is on silent. I snap a picture at a strange angle, but I am sure that I captured most of what my story is entailing. Without the conversation that is. We had already gotten off the correct exit and are now pulling around the corner of Cherry and Grandville Ave. I am looking out the window to see if anyone I know is, by chance, standing outside to see this Reaper action. No one. Bummer. I gather my phone up and make sure I have everything, taking my time to get out, along with taking one last lingering glare to remember this life event. He winks at me as his voice turns back into the steady deep and ominous mutter, “Until the final ride!” Classic man, fucking classic. I pretty much am sprinting across the street at this point, just to get into work to tell literally EVERYONE what just happened. I open my phone to quickly view the picture I snapped, mostly for back up proof to the story I am about to tell eight million times over the next week. It’s a dark blurred picture of a mystery face hidden behind a ratty old black hood. You can’t see ANYTHING. I still tell my story over and over with glee, along with thinking the rest of the night and the whole next day of how I can obtain this driver again. I then ventured into more of a work setting type dream and woke up shortly after.

I like that this post is creepy and involving the Grim Reaper so close to Halloween too! Has anyone else had any memorable dreams that they were totally weirded out about, but also thoroughly enjoyed?